Disturbing Deaths and National Disunity

Gary Laderman The national body politic is dead, another corpse that, perhaps in this case, doesn’t deserve a public ceremony but instead is rotting publicly before our very eyes.

Eddie Glaude on Black Religious Life and Politics: Parts 2 and 3

Glaude discusses here how African-American religious life can facilitate a response to political problems and he introduces a key concept called the “value gap,” or, “belief that white people are valued more than others,” from his latest book Democracy in Black. 

Eddie Glaude on Race and The American Soul: Part 1

Beginning with a distinction between African American religions and African American religious life, Professor Glaude explains how black religious life and thought have historically entered public discourse to mediate matters of race and justice.

Borders and Walls

Louis A. Ruprecht Jr. But borders are not sources of human crisis. . . until one tries to build a wall.

Maybe It’s Colbert’s Fault

Stephanie Brehm Supporters claim Trump does not mean everything he said on the campaign trail; that he will not do half of the abhorrent things he spewed. But do they believe that in part because our comedians, the funny, ironic truth-tellers were for so long invested in perpetuating truthiness?

The Power of Names

Hussein Rashid While some of this discussion may seem to be semantic, it is about the power of naming. The questions of power and control depend on the ability to name. Without proper naming, we see conflict where there is none, and read politics as theology.