Muslim Women Resist: How Mona Haydar Counters Difference through Rap

Lamiae Aidi Through the lens of media as a form of pedagogy that shapes people’s identities and personas, the music video is a response to stereotypes of a subcategory of Muslim women that is represented as a problematic difference. It reminds women to voice their choice, it reiterates the same message as World Hijab Day.

Religion in Hip-Hop, Part 2: Unpacking the Methodology

L. Benjamin Rolsky While a significant component of our collective work as scholars and historians of religion, the critical method cannot fully capture the data under study because it never fully touches the ground.

Religion in Hip-Hop, Part 1: Exploring the Religious History of Kendrick Lamar

L. Benjamin Rolsky Lamar’s words may indeed be best understood through a method that foregrounds uses or functionality over content, but to read these words is to build an archive for millennial religiosity and spirituality in the twenty-first century through a nearly ubiquitous art form and commercial industry—hip-hop.

“New Muslim Cool” as Teaching Tool

Kelly J. Baker In one song, they rap, “We don’t care about the Patriot Act,” and in another, they state, “bin Laden didn’t blow up the projects–it was you.”