Remembering Prince

Mark Hulsether If music or group religious rituals can change the world—and I think at times they can—then the world changed during this performance.

The Changing Nature of Sacred Spaces

Wendy Cadge Flexibility is evident in many health care organizations where religious symbols have increasingly been removed from traditional chapels and furniture put on wheels to be as versatile as possible.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Lazarus

Jill Marshall In the Gospel and Bowie’s interpretation of it, the act of coming back from the dead is dramatic and controversial.

Jim James’ Musical Blend of the Religious, Spiritual, and Secular

Scott Muir My aim here is not to fix any “real meaning” to James’ output or speculate about his personal identity, but rather to illustrate how he presents an entangled web of meanings that his listeners may appropriate for their own religious/spiritual/secular constructions of the sacred.