Corporate Profit Through Buddhist Kitsch

Jolyon Baraka Thomas My wife and I stepped into a home furnishings store in Arcata, California, this past May. We weren’t necessarily looking to buy much, but with an upcoming move to Philadelphia we were checking out furniture styles and seeking decoration ideas for our new home. We were on vacation and needed a bit of a break between brunch and a hike, so a little idle consumerism seemed like an appropriate midday activity.

Daily Sacred

By Suzanne Glover Lindsay These are the guardians and guides who preside over my work at the MacBook from under the desk lamp. Their powers and personalities differ as much as their appearance, which really helps, from my testy Knower-Doer Yoda, to my doe-eyed defender Galahad the Dragon, and the best listeners and judges I know, the Three Sages. This intensely private space vibrates as they encourage thought, ethics, and perspective–especially humor. I thank them each daily.