The Limits of Science and the Dangers of Scientism: An Interview with Curtis White
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“Revolutionary tools will reveal how thought and emotion arise,” proclaims a recent cover of Scientific American, trumpeting the current Century of the Brain. Wrong, says Curtis White in his recent book The Science Delusion—a clear and sharp response to Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion.

What is true?

In my interview here with White, we explore this question, the limits of science and the dangers of scientism. Researchers in the biotechnology company Amgen recently revealed that they were unable to replicate the results of 90 percent of the most-cited studies in cancer research.  What are the implications of such revelations (which are not that rare)?  What do they mean for science, society, belief, policy, and truth? Take a listen.

Read more from White in an interview with Linda Heuman at Tricycle.


Arri Eisen, PhD, professor of Pedagogy in Biology, Institute for Liberal Arts, and the Center for Ethics, Emory University.

Homepage photo: Diablo tunnel, 1946, Item 19636, City Light Photographic Negatives (Record Series 1204-01), Seattle Municipal Archives.

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