What Star Wars Taught Me About the Bible

Jonathan Homrighausen Apocalyptic has always been one of my least favorite biblical genres. First, it can make for very tedious reading, with its densely symbolic accounts of battles and political turmoil. And second, I’ve always struggled with the black-and-white moral dimension of it. To me the world just doesn’t work like that. . . . But then I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and, oddly enough, it helped me understand the Bible better.

On Nostalgia, Myth, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Ben Brazil To a significant extent, the conversation about Star Wars hinges on the same question: don’t we want something new? Put another way, differing opinions about The Force Awakens tend to hinge on how the reviewer judges the film’s balance of nostalgia and newness, of (cultural) history and change.

Daily Sacred

By Suzanne Glover Lindsay These are the guardians and guides who preside over my work at the MacBook from under the desk lamp. Their powers and personalities differ as much as their appearance, which really helps, from my testy Knower-Doer Yoda, to my doe-eyed defender Galahad the Dragon, and the best listeners and judges I know, the Three Sages. This intensely private space vibrates as they encourage thought, ethics, and perspective–especially humor. I thank them each daily.