Rembrandt at 350: Light and Shadow in the Modern World

Louis A. Ruprecht Jr. Perhaps there was a sting of jealous amazement at work here, as Rembrandt notoriously bankrupted in the 1650s and thus worked in grinding poverty for his final decade. The winning and losing of fortune: this is the topsy-turvy, boom-and-bust world of global capital.

The Ghost of Roy Orbison Goes on Tour

Peter Lehman He seemed to be defined by an absence, which then materialized as a dark, quiet persona who always kept his eyes covered in public, inviting people to project their thoughts, fears and melancholy onto him.

The Fantasy of Analytics: Religion, Fantasy Sports, and the NFL Draft

L. Benjamin Rolsky In this sense, it may behoove us as scholars of American popular culture and religion to begin considering sport fandom more from a Catholic model of religious studies rather than the more common Protestant model that has overdetermined much of the study of religion since its inception according to the motif of “choice.”

The Rise of the Internet Witch

Audrey Lundahl Although witches are using the internet to connect and share with wider communities, the web is only one aspect of the wider interconnectedness of witchcraft.

Shameful Bodies: 7 Questions for Michelle Mary Lelwica

Michelle Mary Lelwica Essentially, the book asks readers to think about what happens to them internally when their bodies refuse to look, function, or feel the way they think they are supposed to look, function, or feel.

7 Questions for Amir Hussain

Amir Hussain I’ve always been fascinated by the life and work of Hank Williams Sr. . . the most underrated American theologian of the 20th century.