Investigating Moderate Islam: 7 Questions for Rosemary Corbett

Rosemary Corbett In other words, violence and coercion aren’t just what supporters of moderate religion seek to combat, they’re also what supporters (particularly state actors) of so-called moderate religion use as a means to achieve certain ends.

Western Sufism: 7 Questions for Mark Sedgwick

Mark Sedgwick Sufis are, of course, always on a search for the sacred. They understand the sacred in various ways, but the classic starting point is the starting point of everything—that is to say, the One of Neoplatonic philosophy, from which all else emanates.

Images of Muhammad

Hussein Rashid “What does Islam say about images?” It is a question that seeks to understand religion through unitary and static prescriptions. At its core, the question is about what is “Islamic.” Such a question is problematic because a community of believers decides what the religion means. Because human beings are involved, there will be differences. While there are boundaries for who a Muslim is, such as belief in monotheism, the prophethood of Muhammad, and observance of certain ritual and legal obligations.