Islam and Caring Communities

Shenila Khoja-Moolji Muslim ethics, however, guide us to build caring communities. A caring community does not leave the labor of care to the few; instead, it shares this labor.

Images of Muhammad

Hussein Rashid “What does Islam say about images?” It is a question that seeks to understand religion through unitary and static prescriptions. At its core, the question is about what is “Islamic.” Such a question is problematic because a community of believers decides what the religion means. Because human beings are involved, there will be differences. While there are boundaries for who a Muslim is, such as belief in monotheism, the prophethood of Muhammad, and observance of certain ritual and legal obligations.

The Power, Meaning, and Challenge of a Statement: Reflections on Steven Sotloff

By Hussein Rashid For a CNN piece, Daniel Burke asked me for some quick thoughts on the statement released by American journalist Steven Sotloff’s family, after he was murdered by ISIS. The family’s statement, along with the comments made by Barak Barfi, who delivered the statement, contain many layers of meaning. It is not just a memorial for Sotloff; it is also a challenge to ISIS. The family humanizes Steven Sotloff, giving us the details of his life, from junk food to Boy Scouts. Not only is he memorialized, but every victim of ISIS is humanized and memorialized in these […]

Muslim Men: Please Shut Up about Women!

By Amanullah De Sondy A recent Pew Research Center study indicated how “people” in various Muslim countries “prefer” Muslim women to dress. The results are varied from fully veiled dress to no veil at all. There seems to be no turning away from public interest in Muslim women and the flurry of commentaries from public intellectuals has begun. Beyond the polemics of discussions on Muslim women, I’m interested to interrogate the notion of “preference” in this matter and ask, “Who are these ‘people’?” Issues of women and veiling may seem simple at face value, but in fact, they are complex […]