Sacrilegious Podcast
Sacrilegious Podcast
Sacrilegious Episode 07: Jeffrey Harris


In the latest episode of Sacrilegious, Gary delves into religion and …. fast food–vegan fast food to be exact–with guest Jeffrey Harris, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of the new vegan food phenomenon, Plant Power. Vegan fast food? A sacrilege to many Americans who worship at the golden arches and ritually consume a host of animal-based, fast-food products morning, noon, and night. On the other hand, vegan fast food may provide spiritual as well as dietary nourishment to many who are backing Plant Power’s not-so-modest, but certainly modestly religious, goal of “changing the world, one burger at a time.” Plus, Jeffrey is a friend Gary’s known all his life, so he had some damn good fun conversing about religion, food, business, branding, spirituality, and his early years.

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