Shameful Bodies: 7 Questions for Michelle Mary Lelwica

Michelle Mary Lelwica Essentially, the book asks readers to think about what happens to them internally when their bodies refuse to look, function, or feel the way they think they are supposed to look, function, or feel.

Getting Religion in the Museum

S. Brent Plate Situated within new globalized flows of commerce, politics, and culture, the relations between religion and museums in the United States become a productive starting point from which to pursue multiple research trajectories in political, social, and cultural life.

Remembering Prince

Mark Hulsether If music or group religious rituals can change the world—and I think at times they can—then the world changed during this performance.

The Changing Nature of Sacred Spaces

Wendy Cadge Flexibility is evident in many health care organizations where religious symbols have increasingly been removed from traditional chapels and furniture put on wheels to be as versatile as possible.