Reconstructing Kiowa Cosmology: 7 Questions for Benjamin R. Kracht

Benjamin R. Kracht During the summer of 1935, field party director Alexander Lesser and five graduate students—Jane Richardson (Hanks), William Bascom, Bernard Mishkin, Donald Collier, and Weston LaBarre—interviewed approximately thirty-five Kiowas born in the mid-nineteenth century about indigenous Kiowa culture.

Investigating Moderate Islam: 7 Questions for Rosemary Corbett

Rosemary Corbett In other words, violence and coercion aren’t just what supporters of moderate religion seek to combat, they’re also what supporters (particularly state actors) of so-called moderate religion use as a means to achieve certain ends.

Ethnic Christianities: 7 Questions for Prema Kurien

Prema Kurien My research showed that immigrant churches like the Mar Thoma face several challenges if they are to successfully institutionalize as an “ethnic” church in a context where Christianity is the majority religion.

Religion in Hip-Hop, Part 2: Unpacking the Methodology

L. Benjamin Rolsky While a significant component of our collective work as scholars and historians of religion, the critical method cannot fully capture the data under study because it never fully touches the ground.