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Welcome to the Religion Matters podcast. This podcast is produced by religion majors from the Class of 2022 at Emory University. In this series, we explore how centuries-old religious traditions meet new challenges in the 21st century.


Sufi music and Globalization
 In this podcast, we will be discussing with Isaac Foster (a PhD candidate in the Islamic Civilization Studies) about Sufi music and its spread across the globe. Sufi music is a form of Islamic devotional singing by the Sufis. It is a fascinating area of study, because as Sufi music globalizes, it is taken out of its original religious context but that has allowed it to become something more.


The Sufi Mystical Experience
Sufism is the major expression of mysticism in Islam. Join us in this episode as we delve into the spiritual experience of Sufis with Mr. Khalid El Abdi–a member of the International Association Sufi Alawiyya order. This episode covers the ins and outs of being a Sufi, and the Sufi journey and practices towards non-dual self-realization.


God and Recovery
To discuss religion and addiction, we are happy to welcome Mrs. Fay Zenoff on as our guest. She is the vice president of partnerships at Workit health, a women-founded and women run organization that provides treatment for people in recovery from addiction across the country. She has also worked as a recovery consultant and as the director of Open Recovery, where she fought to end the stigma around addiction.

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